about ty

Food is a wonderful thing, and it’s something that I truly love. I grew up watching my father cook, and from that, I grew a skill and passion for creating meals and experimenting in the kitchen. My dishes are often inspired by food I come across on a menu or cookbook or that I eat at a restaurant. Often my dishes will just come out of the blue based on what looks best at the grocery store.

Ty’s Kitchen started in April 2011 as a way to document my cooking and share it with others. As the list of recipes has increased, so has my desire to share my skills. Now, in addition to posting accessible gourmet recipes, Ty’s Kitchen is offering to teach you how improve your cooking, and show you that gourmet food is easier than it looks. Whether through the recipe posts, in home cooking classes, or just a conversation I am looking to share my passion for food with you and help you become a better and more confident cook in the kitchen.

Many people say they wish they could cook, but I feel that with a bit of guidance and some basic foundation points, everyone can cook. Very few of the recipes I post on the site have a high level of difficulty, so if you see one you like, try it and let me know how it turns out! I love getting feedback on my cooking and hope you enjoy the dishes I create as much as I did.

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