Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Dish - Quick Post: Swordfish on Flavor Filled Corn

A very simple dish which I made this summer was grilled swordfish on a bed of corn peaches and sage.  The brevity of the post reflects the speed of the dish (I made it so fast, we didn't get in any pictures!)

All I did was rub the fish with some salt and pepper, and grill it for about 7 minutes a side until the flesh bounced back to the touch. For the corn salad, I halved and peeled a peach and grilled it alongside the corn, which I had shucked and rubbed with olive oil. Once they were cooked, I cut the kernels off of the cob, chopped up the peach, and finely chopped some sage. I mixed the three with a little salt and pepper and served the fish on top. In total the meal took about 20 minutes to make, and the flavors were bold and unexpected! Highly recommended for a quick dinner that will impress.