Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Martha's Vineyard, Part III: Steamers and Lobstah!

No Vineyard vacation is complete without a steamers and lobster dinner. On our final night, I made a New England feast! We started the night by watching a gorgeous sunset, and then came home to eat a crustacean delight.

Steamers and lobsters are pretty easy to cook, so the evening was a nice relaxing one with not a ton of prep time.

For the steamers (for those who aren't familiar, steamers are a large clam that is best served boiled or steamed with butter), I soaked them in water and pepper in the fridge, as pepper supposedly causes the clams to spit out their sand. I then boiled some water with a lot of salt and added the steamers until they opened their shells, about 7 minutes.
I served them with some melted butter, olive oil, and lemon, and some of the cooking broth which is used to remove the remaining sand before eating. To eat them, you pull off the shell, remove the rough sheath, and dunk and splash them around in the salty broth, then dunk them in the butter and enjoy!
As a side, I made a salad of farm fresh lettuce (with edible flowers), cucumber, and tomato, and some corn. I boiled water and a lot of salt in a giant lobster pot, and cooked the lobsters and corn for about 13 minutes. The lobsters turn bright red once they're cooked.

The meal was delicious. It was a perfect way to celebrate the wonderful food of New England and a truly fun and special weekend with good friends.

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